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Upcoming Movies

Final days: the Death of Beth Richards: Pre-production

Mystery Lake: TBA

Description: Deep in Black Hills Park lies a dark secret. Residents of West River Township and out of state tourists start to disappear. A tour guide for Black Hills Park known only as Silver and his half monster/half human partner in crime are kidnapping people that Silver leads to the “Mystery Lake” and abuse them before performing bizarre and twisted acts. Two girls Jessie and Brittany are the next victims but Silver’s emotions get mixed in as they resemble his deceased sisters. He decides not to kill them right away. Can the two girls escape from hell?

Living Dead Girl: TBA

Night of the Living Dead: Pre-Production (October 2012)

I Monster: TBA

Description: Mayor Bob Leapold and Dr Cain experiment on homeless men with a new drug to make super humans for the defense dept.

The Bennington Triangle: TBA