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The Basement – A Short Film by Loyal Ploof

Two longtime friends reunite in front of an old house in Burlington, VT to catch up. Oliver (Will D. Charron) wants to be done with real estate once and for all and his buddy Tom (Loyal Ploof) may be just the man to help him out of his bind. Why does Oliver want out of the business so badly? Will Tom end up buying a house? These questions and more may be answered, but you must enter the basement first to find out what lies beyond…

Death Meters – A Short Film by Loyal Ploof

Cancer patient John (Loyal Ploof) and his loving wife Sally (Colleen Alexander) enjoy their morning in Burlington until a mysterious, cynical technician (Ben Tolosa) shows up at their home to install a Smart Meter.

Starring – Loyal Ploof, Colleen Alexander, and Ben Tolosa
Director/Producer – Loyal Ploof
Crew – Oliver Scotch
Post-Production – Will D. Charron

It’s in the Dark – A Short Film by Loyal Ploof

A young couple (Alicia Engel and Loyal Ploof) hikes deep into the woods to find a quiet beach. When darkness falls, they may find more than they bargained for…

Starring – Alicia Engel and Loyal Ploof
Producer/Director – Loyal Ploof
Videography – Owen Mulligan
Crew – Oliver Scotch
Post-Production – Will D. Charron

Dark Wave: Inside My Mind – A Short Film by John Stevenson

Loyal’s House of Blood Production presents “Dark Wave: Inside My Mind,” written and directed by John Stevenson. This is an experimental and surreal horror film that shows a man trapped inside the dark side of his mind.